College Snack Attack has an excellent way to keep students energized and ready for what day to day college life has to offer. Many times, students can find themselves so focused on their studies that their opportunity to refuel themselves go ignored. The solution: Investing in the College Snack Attack experience. College Snack Attack is a college care package service that delivers snack filled boxes to students monthly. Our snack boxes provide a variety of new, traditional and international snacks. Our snack boxes are affordable, easy to order and the perfect way for family and friends to support and encourage students.
College Snack Attack goal is to provide an easy-to-use service. Parents simply go to our website; choose the type of snack box, size and plan; and they’re done! No more wasting time hunting for snacks, boxing, and shipping to your student. We do the hard work so the students will always have great tasting snacks on hand. Subscribe to our service, the process takes about 10 minutes and you can cancel at any time!

What do “YOU” do when you send your college student money for snacks and they buy everything except food?

The idea for College Snack Attack was born during our son’s first year away at school. I would send him money for snacks, but he would sometimes use the money for other things. I needed a way to ensure that the money I was sending was being used as intended. How could I eliminate the hassle of searching for several snack items, packing and shipping a package every month? I needed something easy yet creative–more than your typical care package option or the repetitive bulk buy of snacks. I wanted something that would arrive regularly but with a surprise element paired with encouraging words from parents and loved ones.
The excitement is in the mystery of what your student will receive next!